Dr. Timothy Bechtel

Dr. Timothy Bechtel

Chief Geophysicist


Dr. Tim Bechtel (BS, Haverford College; MSc and PhD, Brown University) is an innovative research geophysicist and teaching professor at Franklin and Marshall College, an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and was the principal geophysicist and co-founder of the geophysics services company, Enviroscan Inc. in 1992, which was acquired by RETTEW Engineering in 2018, where he remains a Senior Geophysicist. Tim has over thirty years of experience managing and directing multi-faceted geophysical surveys, with a special focus on karst hydrogeology. Tim is a highly regarded karst geologist, and his expertise has garnered him global recognition, such as an appointment to the International Karst Commission. He serves as an associate editor for the International Association of Hydrogeologists Journal and is active in the Geological Society of America, the American Geophysical Union, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and the Engineering and Environmental Geophysical Society.

Tim has conducted extensive field studies throughout the world and contributed to the successful completion of numerous commercially successful groundwater mapping, exploration, and development projects throughout the United States as a contractor in support of EarthWater Technologies, Inc. and Power 7. As well, he is sought out as an expert witness for cases requiring his specific experience, perspective, and expertise.

In 2016, Tim joined the Power 7 Team as the Chief Geophysicist and has continued to conduct research and development within his field. He is a co-developer of Power 7 Corporation’s Transformational Groundwater Exploration (TGE) technology and, more recently, ECHO-GPM.