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Access the Power and value of data to effectively identify, develop, and manage sustainable water supplies.

The sustainable management and use of groundwater resources requires a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the total water budget, the recharge rate, and the myriad stakeholders and variables that affect its quality and availability.

Power 7 Corporation is a science-based groundwater exploration and production company with a team of experts collectively possessing more than 150 years of project management, groundwater exploration, and development experience. Applying our proprietary technologies, Transformational Groundwater Exploration (TGE™), Empirically Constrained Hydrologic Operation (ECHO™), and Terrain Height-mapping and Object Reconnaissance (THOR™), we precisely identify, access and develop large volumes of previously undiscovered or under-valued groundwater resources flowing through “fast paths” in bedrock fracture systems. Power 7 integrates cutting-edge resource exploration tools and data sources to provide our clients with a holistic

view of their total water budget and discrete access to the data required for sustainable management.

Power 7 wells are recharged and sustained by quantifiable precipitation events, and provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional water production methods through enduring access to predictable and resilient water resources. In doing so, Power 7 services empower our clients with the data necessary to manage operational risk and enable resilient and sustainable water resource management through the lens of an integrative Earth Systems approach and synthetic environment simulations.

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Richard Pratt

Richard "Rip" Pratt


Dr. Robert Walter

Dr. Robert Walter

CSO / Founder

Dr. Timothy Bechtel

Dr. Timothy Bechtel

Senior geophysicist at Rettew, consulting with Power 7

Aakash Ahamed

Aakash Ahamed

Geoscientist & Remote Sensing Analyst

Robert Bisson

Robert Bisson

Senior Science and Technology Advisor

Stacey Daniels

Stacey Daniels

Geoscientist & QA/QC Officer

Hector Ferronato

Hector Ferronato

Advisor on Programming & Software Development

Dr. Woldai Ghebreab

Dr. Woldai Ghebreab

Chief Geologist

Dr. Candace Grand Pre

Dr. Candace Grand Pre

Project Manager & Senior Geoscientist

Jake Longenecker

Jake Longenecker

Geoscientist & Lead Digital Mapping Developer

Joshua Longencker

Joshua Longenecker

Software Engineer & Graphic Designer

Board of Advisors

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Captain Sandy Clark (Ret)

Advisor, Business Development

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Terry Dunmire, JD

Advisor, Foreign Policy

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Admiral Gary E. Hall, USN (Ret)

Advisor, Strategic Planning

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Todd Lazenby

Advisor, Finance

Edwin C. Lunsford

Edwin C. Lunsford, JD

General Counsel

Johan Perslow

Johan Perslow, PE

Advisor, Water Engineering

Our Thoughts

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“We usually find gas in new places with old ideas. Sometimes, also, we find gas in an old place with a new idea, but we seldom find much in an old place with an old idea. Several times in the past we have thought that we were running out of gas, whereas actually we were only running out of ideas.” -Park Dickey, 1958, “Oil is Found with Ideas”

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Power 7 brings an integrative Earth Systems approach to groundwater exploration. Our unique exploration method, similar to innovative oil and gas exploration, is based on three fundamental concepts:

  • Earth’s upper crust leaks; it is highly fractured, and these fractures act as natural conduits for fluids.
  • Knowledge of the origin and history of Earth’s stress field leads to an enhanced understanding of underexplored pathways of fluid flow at depth.
  • Proprietary application of geological and geophysical methods yields predictable and quantifiable groundwater targets.

The principles for Transformational Groundwater Exploration are rooted in the “Megawatershed” paradigm described by Bisson and Lehr, 2004, in their book “Modern Groundwater Exploration”. The term “transformational” refers to the fact that traditional aquifer systems tend to follow specific geological formations possessing primary porosity and permeability. In TGE, we exploit fracture networks that cut across geological formations, and are hence, “transformational”. These fracture networks, referred to as “fast-paths” typically are more conductive and transmissive than primary aquifer systems.

Our track record includes case studies of successful groundwater wells from around the world, in areas where traditional thinking was that there was no new groundwater to be found or extracted. Our track record includes case studies of successful groundwater wells from around the world, in areas where traditional

thinking was that there was no new groundwater to be found or extracted. The conceptual model for TGE is based on the principle of deep-seated subsurface aquifer systems within fracture zones of enhanced secondary porosity and permeability. These features are detectable at Earth’s surface as a fractal network that can extend well beyond topographic watersheds, and which can receive recharge from parts of multiple surface watersheds (Bisson, 2005). In the TGE approach, we recognize that >50% of groundwater may flow through fracture networks that occupy <<1% of the volume of the watershed, and we target our exploration protocols accordingly.

Proprietary Power7 mapping technologies (THOR) and algorithms (ECHO-GPM) gives our science team enhanced, integrative mapping tools to locate fracture networks, quantify precipitation, and determine recharge potential in any given area of the globe.

The Solution

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Transformational Groundwater Exploration (TGE) technology represents the next generation of renewable groundwater development. Integrating open-source big data with, prior art, proven resource exploration techniques, and emerging cloud-based computing technologies, TGE melds traditional trade craft with cutting edge tools to create an innovative and disruptive technology that redefines how groundwater resources are calculated, located, and developed.

Combining advanced natural resource exploration technologies with proprietary algorithms and cloud-based computing processes, Power 7 is revolutionizing the way groundwater resources are located and managed. Through TGE, Power 7 precisely locates, quantifies, and accesses previously undiscovered and untapped groundwater resources.

Renewed through the natural water cycle, Power 7 provides real-time and near-real-time data on variables impacting groundwater resource volume, quality, and sustainable management. Properly managed wells enable customers to enjoy enduring, resilient, and reliable access to predictable volumes of water.

Power 7 TGE technology and services empower our clients through:


  • Site-specific groundwater data in real and near-real time
  • Sustainable yield calculations
  • Geochemical trend analysis


  • Resource management consulting
  • Site data tracking and report
  • Well siting and installation supervision Project management

Benefits of Power 7 TGE Wells

  • Sited closer to the end user
  • Reduced cost of pumping and conveyance
  • Limited exposure to contamination and evaporation
  • Predictable yield and quality
  • Minimal environmental impacts
  • No waste product
  • Site-specific data for proactive and sustainable resource management
  • Operational risk reduction through data-driven analysis of threats

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